National Coaches Day!

On September 19, 1972, President Richard Nixon signed proclamation 4157 declaring October 6, 1972, as National Coaches Day.

“Coaches are highly qualified teachers in highly specialized fields. But more than that, they are friends and counselors who help to instill in their charges important attitudes that will serve them all their lives. A coach can help a young person learn how to win gracefully an dhow to grow from defeat. A coach can help build moral fiber on which our future as a nation depends.” – President Richard Nixon.

Join PROLOOK in honoring coaches on October 6th! To celebrate, we are giving back!

1st place: $25,000 MSRP of PROLOOK product + $1,000 CASH!

2nd place: $15,000 MSRP of PROLOOK product + $500 CASH!

3rd place: $5,000 MSRP of PROLOOK product + $250 CASH!

Nominate your favorite coach, then YOU get to vote for who wins! The deadline to submit a coach: September 30, 2021. Voting will take place October 1, 2021 to October 6, 2021 at 12 PM MST.


To nominate your favorite coach(es), you and the coach must be following PROLOOK on instagram. 

Submit the coach, here!

Votes are only counted if voters are following us on instagram. 1 vote per instagram handle. Vote here!


1st place: Melissa Nash, Salt Lake City, UT

2nd place: Nicki Whitten, Hernando, MS

3rd place: Mason Wright, Hillsboro, OR


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. If you’d like to reach out to us for anything, please feel free to click the icon above, or you can leave a comment below and we will be sure to get right back to you. Thank you for Living Your Game.

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