In the midst of a crazy, unpredictable year our company got gritty. We pivoted quickly developing a customized mask that actually fit, was comfortable and offered a sense of protection against transference of the virus.

PROLOOK is now leveraging the incredible revenue generated to even add a higher level of quality of our core products and service and a continuation of the PROLOOK growth story.


Randy Markus, Lou's (Nebraska), then owners from RBS Activewear, Keith and Tina Ritschard
Randy Markus, Lou's (Nebraska), then owners from RBS Activewear, Keith and Tina Ritschard


PROLOOK closes its long established inside sales group to focus on greater distribution by partnering with sportswear dealerships throughout the world. All sales leads are passed on to those that can truly offer local assistance and a better customer service experience.

PROLOOK also begins their annual President’s Club Retreat to Cabo San Lucas. All dealership’s sales reps reaching a $150,000 in sold product are treated to a free vacation with their peers.


PROLOOK rebrands with a new logo and look as well as removing the space in it’s name. The new website launches and PROLOOK aggressively goes after the custom team market with the most comfortable, longest lasting and most innovative products on the market.

Instilling confidence and excitement in athletes and coaches by efficiently bringing to market innovative, quality, custom sports apparel we can all be proud of.


PROLOOK opens up it’s sublimation print and heat press facilities quickly learning and dominating the industry. PROLOOK is still the only brand to offer sublimated tackle twill customization.


PROLOOK launches QuickStrike, a private labeling manufacturing option. QuickStrike immediate blossoms takes what they've learned from manufacturing for Nike and adds several more brands to its list of customers. This propels PROLOOK back into the black capable and eager to innovate again.


PROLOOK carves out 10,000 square feet of its factory space and builds out a tech office to create what is today the industry's best customizer. 50+ talented software engineers and graphic artists use their skills to give PROLOOK a technological advantage.


PROLOOK back peddles after a staggering defeat in the synthetic grass industry at the same time the recession hits. The saving grace is the introduction of form fitting football uniforms developed during this time. PROLOOK moves offices to Orem, UT where it is today graph

Smooth seas do not make skillfull sailors.


PROLOOK become a C-Corp (2003) and is named to the Inc. 500 awarded as the #199 fastest growing company in the US (This all despite only selling team baseball, basketball and softball uniforms). certification


PROLOOK opens its offices in Provo. Utah after successfully launching its website and powerful backend built by the first employee, Jared Blanchard. Around 20 new sales reps are contracted and the 3rd sales training is held at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. prolook-team


Coaches love the fact that they can look like the pro’s by wearing sewn-on tackle twill numbers and letters, a feature not offered to high schools or colleges at this point.prolook-products

-Steve Jobs


The first business license is obtained as an LLC out of Dusty’s home state of Nevada. PROLOOK offered sewn-on tackle twill while the long established competitors were all offering silk screened products and marking the price up for every little customization option. Those same competitors were nickel and diming for larger inseams, extra embroideries. PROLOOK offers a “One Price Promise” that was easy for everyone to understand and more economical.


PROLOOK, sells their first uniforms to Milford High School basketball coach Joe Hillock. Milford will go on to wear this first set of uniforms for the next 12 years, That’s what we call DURABILITY. Joe would become the first sales rep providing many Utah schools with ProLook basketball uniforms. prolook-first-uniform


Dreamer and sports fanatic Dusty Rhodes meets master suit and pattern maker Alson Bungay in the Philippines. An immediate bond is created and the idea of PROLOOK Sports is launched. prolook-map

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