Mali Wellness Foundation

Every summer, the Mali Wellness Foundation visits Mali, Africa with the goal to provide service for nearby villages. Even though slightly delayed, the foundation made sure to visit after the heat of the pandemic. With negative COVID-19 tests, the group safely landed in Africa in November 2020.

During the foundation’s stay in Mali, it made several contributions.

One contribution within the villages included the installation of two water filtration systems for the wells and two standard basketball courts. Additionally, a village school received new uniforms, 50 school desks and free eye screenings. The help continued when the foundation spent the day at a school for the blind and donated 200 walking canes.

Putting the new basketball courts to use, the foundation participated in a tournament with the locals. A surprise included custom PROLOOK uniforms for the participants, donated specifically for the trip.

“We thank the Mali Wellness Foundation for all the support and donations that they provided for the trip,” event organizer Kip Elison said. “With PROLOOK’s generosity, we were able to outfit the Hirondel Club Team with new uniforms. They were so excited to get new gear. They are the best uniforms that they have ever had and included their very own club logo. When I presented the coach with the coach’s shirts he said to me, ‘we now have the nicest uniforms in all of Africa, even better than the Mali National teams!’”

To learn more about the Mali Wellness Foundation, click here.


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Jared Dean Blanchard

I love that quote at the end…you can tell from the words of the coach that the team loves their uniforms and they do look fantastic!!! I’m so proud to work for a company that gives back to those in need and wish i could watch them play in person!!!

Jane Rhodes

This is so cool! I love #PROLOOKGIVESBACK! Let’s keep giving more & more!!

Dusty Rhodes

What a great thing to be a part of! Way to go team!

Dan Burns

Such a cool story & great cause!!! Amazing to see how contributions like this can lift an entire community – we need more of this!

Shelle S

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing, makes me want to give and help others more!

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