Heyward Gibbes Middle School, South Carolina

Sometimes all a team needs is a spark.

For Heyward Gibbes Middle School in South Carolina, that spark was a new look. Due to a lack of funding, the team had been wearing old, dilapidated jerseys for years when they got new PROLOOK jerseys for the 2013-14 season via a donation by #PROLOOKGIVESBACK. The team was ecstatic to receive brand new, custom, top of the line uniforms

“The team had a renewed sense of energy. We were able to beat our city rivals that we never had before,” assistant coach Darrian Freeman said.

The team went on to win the city championship in their first season wearing PROLOOK. The team’s years of hard work and dedication were finally able to pay off for the players, coaches, and school.

At PROLOOK, we strive to give back to our community, the athletes, and the coaches who make our work possible. Help us give back by letting us know about teams with extreme uniform needs at prolookgivesback@prolook.com.

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