PROLOOK’s Chief Technology Officer: Jared Remulta

PROLOOK is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jared “Red” Remulta as the company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With a strong background in Software Engineering, Business Management, Organizational Leadership, and Manufacturing Information Technology, Red brings valuable expertise to lead PROLOOK’s technology team through our next phase of growth.

Red’s journey began in 2008 as an Associate Software Engineer at Navitaire LLC, then a part of Accenture—a Fortune 500 company. He advanced to become a Senior Software Engineer, Architect, and a core member of the Microsoft .NET Training Team, repeatedly earning recognition in the “Above and Beyond” Company Awards for his technical contributions.

He was key in building customized controls for Microsoft Visual Studio and the Team Foundation Server while participating in the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program. He also built a time tracking system for Navitaire—which is still in use 15 years later—and part of a pioneering team to use WPF in converting Legacy Interline Settlement Modules from Cobol to Microsoft .NET.

Red’s technology leadership continued at Microchip Technology Inc. – a leading provider of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions. In 2014, he established Microchip’s Asia Regional Manufacturing IT Hub in the Philippines, eventually holding senior management positions. He played crucial roles in IT leadership especially during mergers and acquisitions, supporting the company’s growth strategies.

In 2019, Red was appointed Deputy President of the Information Communication Technology Division of Transnational Diversified Group—becoming one of the youngest executives of an international shipping and logistics conglomerate—while serving the roles of Vice President of Operations for Transnational E-Business Solutions Inc. and General Manager for ARGOQUAD INC simultaneously. In these capacities, he provided leadership to multiple companies under the Technology Division, spanning various sub-industries such as Low-Code Software Development, Connectivity, Fintech, Ecommerce, and Business Process Outsourcing, with responsibilities covering business development, partnerships, technology acquisition, as well as Profit and Loss Management.

Joining PROLOOK in 2021 as Executive Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Red took on the responsibility of providing strategic and tactical leadership for the Engineering Team and Quickstrike Philippines unit.

Red’s dedication to excellence, passion for technology, and focus on innovation and digital transformation make him a valuable addition to the PROLOOK team. When he is not changing the technology world, Red enjoys competing in triathlons, playing golf, playing the piano or in the great outdoors with his wife and daughter for a camping trip or an overland adventure.

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Jane Rhodes

Welcome Red!!! So happy and honored to have you as part of our team!

Jared Dean Blanchard

Love working with you my man! You are making us all better at what we do!

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