The Sayulita Jiabos Baseball Team

The Sayulita Jiabos Baseball team in Mexico donned only mixed old t-shirts in 2017.

Roger Tierney, who is now the team manager, started teaching local children how to play baseball at the Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez Stadium. Word spread and the number of locals who wanted to play grew. However, Tierney recognized the lack of equipment quickly, only having six gloves, one bat and six battered baseballs.

Eventually, the team would grow to the size of 75. The need for gear became a service opportunity for organizations. Since starting, the Sayulita-based team has received over 1,200 pounds of gear, 1,000 baseballs and a pitching machine.

Among these contributions, #PROLOOKGIVESBACK sent the team custom uniforms. When they received the uniforms, their season was postponed due to COVID-19. The coaches didn’t even open the box, wanting to save them for the next season.

When the spring 2020 season arrived, the kids were screaming and crying while opening the uniforms.

“They seriously won’t take the uniforms off,” coach Pedro Navarro said. “They wear them day in, day out!”

At PROLOOK, we strive to provide teams with uniforms and apparel that they will love and to help them continue living their game!

If you know someone with an incredible need for uniforms, please let us know at


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Grace Forbes

Such a touching story!!!! Lookin good boys!!

Jane Rhodes

I love this story, I can just picture how excited the kids were. LOVE Sayulita and connecting with their baseball community. Lets do it again soon for another team there!!

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