For our #PROLOOKGIVESBACK giveaway, we had people nominate teams that were in need of new uniforms. The team that we chose was Red Mesa High School’s basketball team.

Below is their entry into the giveaway.

“My father coaches a basketball team at a very small school on the Navajo reservation. And just like every school on the reservation, school budgets aren’t large enough to warrant any spending on the kid’s uniforms. These kid’s uniforms are 12 years old. Their warm ups just as old. I wish I could show you how tattered and worn their jerseys are. Numbers are falling off, school names, holes and tears. Their warm up bottoms are so beat up, they don’t even wear them anymore. And these kid’s families are too poor to pitch in for new ones. My father has been busting his butt with fundraising (such as waking up at 5 am and selling hot chocolate at the school) to get his kids some updated equipment. He finally was able to get them regulation basketballs. But jerseys are much more expensive. He doesn’t know I’m posting on his behalf, but he is too proud to ask for help or charity. My father was my coach in high school. And there isn’t a man/coach more deserving of help than he. He gives so much of his personal time and resources to his kids. And makes basketball more than just a sport. Taking advantage of every opportunity to teach these kids life lessons. I feel that he and the kids of RMHS deserve jerseys because to some of these kids, basketball is all they look forward in school. Being how rural this area is, school and sports is all they really have.”

At PROLOOK, we love rewarding hard work, dedication, sacrifice and passion. We’re proud to have Red Mesa High School wearing our uniforms!

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