PROLOOK Decoration Types

Want to learn more about the different types of customization that PROLOOK offers and what is best for you? Read on for a full description of each decoration type and what makes it special.


PROLOOK’s top-of-the-line uniforms with a high-quality look that matches what the pros wear. With twill, all team names, player names, numbers, and logos are sewn onto a dyed fabric base via tackle twill applications or embroidery. Tackle twill is an application type that involves sewing pre-cut fabric appliques—usually made of the same fabric as the garment—onto a garment and is used when applications come from a standard form, such as team names, player names, and numbers. Any tackle twill applications can be further customized through sublimated patterns directly onto the tackle twill. For custom logos, such as team logos, an embroidered patch is made and then sewn onto the garment. For complex logos, the logo may be sublimated onto a patch of fabric applique and then sewn onto the garment in the same way a patterned tackle twill application is made. Our twill uniforms are our most durable option—lasting for years—and are recommended for high school athletes and teams.



PROLOOK’s most customizable items. With sublimation, all colors, team names, player names, numbers, logos, and patterns are applied through our advanced dye sublimation technology. The dye sublimation process involves printing a garment design onto special sublimation paper. The ink from the printed design is then transferred directly into the top fibers of the garment using heat. Sublimation offers 100% customization—if you can dream it, we can make it. With over 40 colors to choose from and hundreds of design options, you can unleash your full creativity. Quickturn items are a special type of sublimated item that have a shorter production time by utilizing pre-built styles.


Hybrid customization offers the best of both worlds. With hybrid, all team names, player names, numbers, and logos are sewn onto a sublimated base via tackle twill applications or embroidery. With the quality and durability of twill and the customization of sublimation, hybrid creates the perfect combination.

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