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PROLOOK was founded 25 years ago by Dusty Rhodes, a college sophomore athlete that spent his days going from the classroom, to football practice, to the gym at night for a pick-up game.  The entire team at PROLOOK shares the same never-ending drive to play and compete at their highest level.  PROLOOK made their first products, basketball uniforms, in 1994 for Milford High School in Utah.  That first set was worn for the next 12 years after that, a testament to the importance placed in quality and durability right from the start.

By the time the company was actually launched in 1996, selling the highly coveted basketball uniforms was easy.  “I’d walk in to a coach’s office and toss him a jersey.  Every coach without exception would exclaim, ‘NO WAY!’  They were immediately blown away by the sewn on tackle twill numbering and lettering that no one offered high schools at the time.” said Brent Hekekia, one of the original sales reps.  PROLOOK was also a forerunner in offering unlimited design capability to its customers, having a minimum of only 1 unit to buy and keeping all styles, fabrics and colors for years and years.

In 2004, PROLOOK was one of the top 200 fastest growing companies in the US per the Inc 500, mostly because of their straightforward sales mantra of a “one price promise.”  At that time all companies would sell a blank product and add cost for every little addition.  They’d add cost for anything they could possibly charge; inferior silk-screened numbers and names, extra long inseams, different braids or trims, etc.  PROLOOK chose instead to sell in a lucid and clear manner giving coaches one affordable price to pay regardless of what they added.  PROLOOK products were in such demand that they started private labeling for Nike and other leaders in the industry in 2006. In 2012, PROLOOK opened their sublimation print and heat press facilities, where they quickly learned and dominated the industry – they are still the only brand to offer sublimated, sewn-on, tackle twill customization.

Because PROLOOK is a manufacturer first and a brand second, customers receive valuable assurance that the same company that is selling the product will stand responsible for that product lasting and looking great for years to come.

In 2016, PROLOOK completely rebranded with a new logo, new website, and continues to offer the most comfortable, longest lasting and innovative products in the custom team sports market.

PROLOOK gauges their success not by accolades or growth but by watching athletes wear their superior products on the court, field and ice for the last 25 years.

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